Tips to Reduce Your Car Insurance Bill

April 8, 2013

Everyone is trying to spend less money these days, and one way to do so is to reduce your car insurance bill each month. This is one recurring bill that many people think just can’t be reduced, but that’s really not the case. In many cases, you can get a quick rate quote and find […]

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Avoid These Mistakes When Buying Life Insurance

November 25, 2012

Life insurance policies can be essential to you and your family in the event of a catastrophic event. It can be extremely difficult to choose the right policy or select the correct amount of coverage for your family. However, if you follow these guidelines to avoiding ten simple mistakes people make when buying life insurance […]

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How To Get Life Insurance With No Medical Exam

August 22, 2012

Virtually everyone needs a life insurance policy. There are many resources for finding quality life insurance but many of the insurance agencies writing policies for life insurance coverage require a complete medical exam before coverage can be granted. For some, a medical exam would prevent a person from getting a good rate on an insurance […]

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Who Needs Life Insurance?

July 6, 2012

Do you need life insurance if you don’t have dependents? This seems like easy questions to  answer, but each situation is actually specific to the person asking it. The first thing we need to do is explain that life insurance exists for the benefit of your survivors. Does that mean you shouldn’t buy life insurance […]

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What to Look For In a Long-Term Care Policy: A Checklist

September 15, 2011

If you’re considering long-term care insurance, then it’s a good idea to get a sense of the landscape before buying a policy becomes a necessity. Policies vary based on location (state), facility and age. Nursing home costs will be different from in-home costs. And as your needs will vary, you should understand the implications of […]

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Long-Term Care Insurance: Planning and Considerations

August 29, 2011

Long-term care is any kind of long-term support that becomes necessary. At least 70% of people over age 65 will require some long-term care and 40% of people under age 65 already require long term care, yet there exists a huge discrepancy in the number of people that think they will require long-term care; only […]

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Pros And Cons Of Cheaper Car Insurance

July 13, 2011

For anyone that owns a car, they know that it is imperative to have car insurance. Unfortunately, it can be time consuming to find affordable insurance if you don’t know where to look. Thankfully, with the Internet it is more possible than ever to find and get easy quotes for cheap car insurance. What Is […]

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UK Drivers Feel the Effect of Continuous Insurance Enforcement

June 24, 2011

The days of cars sitting unused in garages or on driveways across the UK are over. The introduction of the Continuous Insurance Enforcement legislation this month has forced drivers to either have insurance for their vehicle or to declare it as officially off the road with a Statutory Off Road Notification. The legislation was introduced […]

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Be content with home contents insurance

June 22, 2011

Peace of mind is something we all crave in our home lives. Having security and stability within our own living space is an important building block that enables us to be relaxed and relatively care-free. Let’s face it; we all have enough to worry about with things like job security and our families’ welfare. The […]

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Get Out and Explore the World

June 21, 2011

In travel terms, the world is shrinking. It has never been easier to get to all four corners of the globe and as far away as possible from the stresses and strains of everyday life. More and more of us, it appears, want to leave all our cares and worries behind for a week or […]

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