Bank Rates

Here is a list of current high yield savings account rates from some of the top high yield savings accounts that are available nationwide. This page is updated often.

Current High Yield Savings Account Interest Rates:

You can find Interest rates by clicking any of the below links or visiting the official bank website.

More Online Banks & Interest Rates

Financial Institution Minimum Deposit Monthly Service Fees Apply
Dollar Savings Direct $1,000 $0 Dollar Savings Direct
Bank of Internet $1 $0 Bank of Internet
E*Trade Financial $1 $0 E*Trade Financial
Emigrant Direct $1 $0 Emigrant Direct
FNBO Direct $1 $0 FNBO Direct
WT Direct $10,000 $0 WTDirect
HSBC Direct $1 $0 HSBC Direct

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You can find the top high yield bank account rates here: