How To Get Life Insurance With No Medical Exam

Virtually everyone needs a life insurance policy. There are many resources for finding quality life insurance but many of the insurance agencies writing policies for life insurance coverage require a complete medical exam before coverage can be granted. For some, a medical exam would prevent a person from getting a good rate on an insurance policy. For others, they would not be eligible for insurance coverage due to medical issues. That is where no medical exam life insurance policies can be a good option.

Finding No Medical Exam Life Insurance Policies

There are many insurance companies that advertise no medical exam life insurance, including many online companies. Their websites proclaim coverage without exam and advertise that all consumers have to do is answer a ‘few simple questions.’

While it is possible to find good deals on life insurance without a medical exam, some of the insurance companies offering no medical exam life insurance coverage are more expensive than their counterparts. The reason is because the insurance company has to rely on the individual’s answers about their medical history, current conditions, and other health aspects. For the insurance carrier, their risks are much higher.

Many ‘no exam’ coverage companies offer insurance policies with low monthly premium rates, such as $1 for the first month and premiums based on the age of the applicant. Coverage ranges from $5,000 to $50,000 or higher. The more insurance coverage, the higher the premiums will be.

What to Look For When Shopping for Quotes

A person of a younger age without pre-existing medical conditions and a good health history can get life insurance policies without a medical exam relatively inexpensively. Anyone else may want to consider using this type of insurance as supplemental coverage to another life insurance policy. If you choose not to get a medical exam, you can find a policy to meet your needs but you will pay more out of pocket for the policy coverage.

Consumers need to be wary of signing up for any insurance company that will accept their application for coverage. It is important to compare all costs, coverage, and terms with each individual company and insurance plan before making a decision. Only you can determine what type of coverage you need and what rates you can afford to pay.

When you have narrowed down a few companies and are ready to request quotes, make sure you check up on each company you have selected. Check their standings with the Better Business Bureau and also ensure the company or agent is a licensed insurance provider.

You also need to make sure you are totally upfront and honest when answering questions if you want an accurate life insurance quote. Any fraudulent information or misleading data can result in the total cancellation of your coverage, making it potentially harder for you to get other insurance in the future.

It’s Up to You

The medical exam required by insurance carriers is relatively simple and can be done at your own home by a contractor of the insurance carrier. The exam will help to ensure the underwriter you are in good physical health. There will be questions to be answered about your medical history and a brief physical exam will be conducted at that time. After the exam is complete, the report will be sent to the insurance carrier to make a coverage determination.

If you are in good health, you may want to consider going through the required medical exam if rates are your primary concern. No medical exam life insurance coverage may cost you more in the long-run and may not provide the adequate coverage you desire.

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