Car Accidents – The Perfect Driving Storm?

Car accidents are the principle cause of unnecessary deaths across the majority of major countries of the world and is fast becoming the driving force behind the enormous increase in the number of personal injury compensation claims being filed.

The Perfect Storm for car accident injuries

Many of these car accidents typically involve drunk drivers and are as a result, often fast impact accidents which unfortunately involve a high level of serious injuries as well as fatalities. Most of us are aware that the consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol seriously degrades our reaction times and reasoning capacity all helping to contribute to a serious road traffic problem. The combination of these attributes makes for a “perfect driving storm.”

Typical Car Accident Injuries

Typical injuries caused specifically from car accident involving drunk drivers tend to range in severity according to the location of the incident. Built up areas tend to involve lower speeds due to the makeup of the roads whereas incidents upon highways and motorways often result in many more injuries and quite often multiple victims. If you have ever suffered a car accident then you will understand that injuries can vary in severity some of which may require medical attention (and resultant medical bills and possible lost wages/income) not to mention the physical and psychological trauma associated with any accident.

Car accident injury claims – get it right

It is crucial that any car accident claim is filed as soon as is practically possible following the accident. This will very much depend upon the severity of the incident. Should the incident be a small one the following the wreckage being cleared off the road, insurance documents and personal information will need to be exchanged. If you find you do not have (or recollect) your insurers details, do not worry, simply take as much identifying information from the other party (including contact telephone numbers) and after you have returned home locate the information and telephone it through remembering to inform your insurer of the problem as soon as possible.

Many insurers typically do not require initial claim forms to be competed; most of the details can be relayed over the telephone making the claims process much quicker and streamlined. This will of course not be the case should an accident compensation claim be affected, in these cases a detailed report will be required for the insurer to undertake investigations of your case.

Should you admit liability?

Regardless of who is responsible for the accident and assuming everyone involved escaped safely, admitting liability (even if you knew it was your fault) is not a great strategy. This is something which your insurers will battle out and is not something you need to concern yourself with. Simply avoid any admission at the scene; this will help the insurer later down the line of the claim.

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