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Banks to Reduce Credit Card Interest Rates

April 2, 2011

The credit card industry has been doing back flips to reach the good graces of the credit consumer. And they have made a step in the right direction. Since the passage of the Credit CARD Act in 2009, banks have been losing money, and began to charge consumers for services that used to be free. […]

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Ally Bank Bows to FDIC, Slashes Rates

June 19, 2009

Should a well funded bank be able to set their own interest rates to attract new customers, or should they bend to the pressure from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to lower interest rates? If you support the free market, your answer would probably be no. But that is what recently happened when the […]

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Why You Need a High Yield Savings Account

February 1, 2009

Everyone needs a High Yield Savings Account, everyone. If you are serious about growing your savings, then you need to put your money into a high yield savings account where compound interest can make your money grow. Here are the top reasons you need a high yield savings account. Why you need a high yield […]

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