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One Year Later, Debit Cardholders Still Confused About Overdraft Protection Fees

May 4, 2011

The Federal Reserve’s implementation of new policies last summer has essentially backfired. It was intended to protect debit card users from unexpected overdraft fees and clarify bank policies. Instead, it seems to be helping banks rake in the money by signing account-holders up for overdraft protection plans. Plus, according to a new study by the […]

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Sallie Mae Debit Card Is A Helpful Convenience For Students, If Handled Responsibly

April 9, 2011

The student loan company Sallie Mae is preparing to release a student debit card in partnership with Mastercard. The new program, which will start this summer, allows students to receive financial aid money and tuition refunds in a special checking account. Sallie Mae Debit Card Features Perks of the accounts include: A free checking account […]

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American Express Getting Into Debit Market

April 6, 2011

American Express has always been the most mysterious credit card company. Besides the fact that many establishments don’t accept the gold and black card, their presence in the debit market has been non-existent. As the companies first step in the wide world of consumer debit, American Express opened last week a new product called Serve. […]

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Debit Card Transaction Limits and $5 ATM Fees

April 5, 2011

Banks are hurting right now and are doing everything in their power to continue minting the kind of money their shareholders expect. Due to changes in legislation, some banks are considering limiting the size of debit card transactions. Chase Bank recently announced they are considering capping debit card transactions at $50 or $100 to protest […]

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New Unemployment Debit Card Costing Consumers

March 21, 2011

We are a part of a debit nation. Cash and checks are becoming more and more obsolete. Now days, we turn to debit for everything from daily purchases to disability benefits, and now unemployment payments. Over 30 states have made commitments to begin issuing debit cards for those on unemployment. Deals have been made with […]

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Girl Scouts Now Accept Debit Cards

March 18, 2011

It’s that time of year— that time when those Girl Scouts dress up in their matching patch-adorned green vests, and go door-to-door peddling Thin Mints and Tagalongs to any one with a dollar. I know they’re little girls, but they turn from sweet to sour in a few minutes when you explain that you’ve got […]

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