Girl Scouts Now Accept Debit Cards

It’s that time of year— that time when those Girl Scouts dress up in their matching patch-adorned green vests, and go door-to-door peddling Thin Mints and Tagalongs to any one with a dollar. I know they’re little girls, but they turn from sweet to sour in a few minutes when you explain that you’ve got to pay rent, or you spend your last change on parking, or whatever it may be, they change from Priscella to Cruella.

Because who has the dollar has the power, these Buttercups have learned at an early age the benefits of having money. In an attempt to teach the Ohio chapter of the Girl Scouts financial literacy, their branch has begun taking credit cards at various booth locations in Central Ohio. This means that any one 18 and up has no excuse to not succumb to the Girl Scout cookie peer pressure.

Girl Scouts have teamed up with AppNinja’s Swipe Credit Card Terminal for the iPhone in order to accept credit cards at various booth locations in central Ohio during March. Since the beginning of March, credit cards have accounted for over $1,500 in sales.

That’s a big step for both the Girl Scouts and for my sweet tooth. “Our Cookie Program is our largest business literacy program for girls,” said Tammy Wharton, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland Council. “They also are learning to use new technology to market cookies. Customers can use a new smart phone app — the cookie locator app — to find cookie booth sales.”

AppNinjas is the developer of Swipe Credit Card Terminal for iPhone, which changes a merchant’s iPod touch, iPad or iPhone into a credit terminal that is safe and secure. “Swipe Credit Card Terminal for iPhone will teach them even more new technological skills they may likely use in the future,” explained Wharton.

Girl Scouts pride themselves on giving girls business skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. That’s why developing financial literacy is of the utmost importance. The program is designed for girls who are destined to take control of their finances in a digital future through a sustainable income, budgeting, managing credit, investing and being a loyal consumer.

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