Five Awesome Apps for Managing Money and Finances

Managing personal finances can be a real drag for any individual. There is nothing worse than paying bills, examining debt, and watching your money disappear from your accounts. However, while money management can be a painful process, it is undeniably essential to gaining financial security. Part of entering the adult world involves understanding finances, monitoring spending, managing accounts, and paying bills. These five money management apps can help any individual better understand and manage their personal finances. With apps that help track spending, pay bills, and help save money, any individual can understand and control their personal spending and financial future.

1. Loot: This android application acts as an electronic checkbook. It is simple to use and has a very clean interface. While there is no direct connections to your bank accounts over the internet, Loot enables you to take more control of your money management (and you don’t have to work about security or privacy issues). With Loot you create different files for different accounts and then update the files whenever you make a purchase or pay a bill. Loot is a fast and easy way to track your spending.

2. ShopSavvy: This application provides users with a great way to save money while shopping. Use ShopSavvy to search a product and see if there are any other locations where you can get that same product for cheaper. You use your phone’s camera to scan the product’s barcode and then the application will identify the product and look for it on the market. ShopSavvy helps you always get the best price for the things that you are buying, helping you save more money in the long run.

3. Thrive: This application provides you with a great way to keep track of your spending. Thrive develops an overall Financial Health score that is determined based on your spending habits, money saved, and several other factors. The application also provides scores based on other areas of your financial portfolio. Offering advice on ways to improve these scores, Thrive is perfect for individuals new to managing personal finances. With an intuitive interface and simple graphs and charts, Thrive makes it easy for any individual to gain a clearer understanding of their financial situation.

4. Mint: As one of the most well known and popular personal finance applications, Mint offers several tools and features that other finance applications do not. Mint will help you compare bank accounts, credit cards, CDs, brokerage and 401(k) to top products on the market. With visual representations of your finances, Mint makes it easy for users to understand their financial situation and manage their budget.

5. BillTracker: This app is perfecting for helping you stay on top of your bills each month. With a color coded calendar, BillTracker helps you see when bills are coming up in the future. This way you can better prepare your spending and saving to fit your bill schedule. With so many bills done automatically now, BillTracker helps individuals keep track of bills they may forget were going through then, so that they can better manage their money. With BillTracker you will never miss paying a bill or pay a bill late. This will improve your credit score and help you gain a stronger financial portfolio.

By High Yield Savings Accounts

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