Top 5 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Home Safe

When a tragedy strikes, will your meaningful belongings and documents be protected? It is never too late (or early) to add a safe to your house. Burglary, fire and floods are all variables that cannot be controlled however; you can do something to ensure that at least irreplaceable items and important documents will not be lost forever. Any size family and home can find a safe to fulfill their needs by considering the following five things.

What you need to consider for your home safe

1. Content – What do you intend on keeping in your safe? You should know that not all safes are created equally and certain styles are designed to be more protective of certain items. For example, Gardall safes are available in models that are specifically designed for firearms which is crucial, especially if you have children in your home. Different models of safes are even made from different material so considering whether you will primarily be storing documents, money, valuables, media files, firearms or a little of everything will help you choose the right safe for you.

2. Locks – What type of lock will you be most comfortable with? Most safes and safety security boxes come with a standard lock but some allow you the option to either change it or add on another lock for more security. Key locks are popular and if you happen to lose your key, most companies can send you a new one. Combination locks are quite common as well are are a preferred choice, alongside a key lock when double protection is desired. Lastly, electronic locks empower you to program different combinations for multiple users and you can change these as needed.

3. Location – Where is the best place for a safe to be stored in your home? Some models are free-standing that can be hidden in a closet, pantry, etc., or there are those that are installed in a wall or the floor of your home. These provide an added security feature of being able to hide them.

4. Waterproof – Do you need your safe to be waterproof? For many people, this is a top concern if they live in an area prone to flooding and hurricanes. However, water damage can occur regardless of where you live from roof damage, frozen pipes that burst or just a freak of nature. More and more catastrophes are happening today that are blamed on the weather that no one is prepared for them.

5. Fireproof – Is your primary concern with fire protection? A fire can happen to any home at any time and there is never the chance to gather your important belongings and get your family and pets out of the house. There are some safes that are designed to keep the contents of your safe cool for as long as two hours so when the fire is put out, you will find everything inside unharmed.

Buying a home safe should be a priority on the list of everyone. There are many sizes to choose from with various features so use this guide to help determine the kind of safe that will best fulfill your needs.

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