Credit Card Users: Are You a Frog or a Magpie?

There are so many different types of credit card currently on the market that there really is a credit card for everyone. However, different people are attracted to credit cards for different reasons, such as the way each type of credit card offers different benefits.

Have you ever chosen a particular type of credit card based on your financial circumstances and the incentives offered by that unique card? After doing some research I’ve decided that there are two main types of credit cards users; frogs and magpies.

Confused? Here’s a detailed explanation.

Credit Card Users – Frogs

As we all know, frogs jump around as they happily go about their day. A credit card user known as a frog will tend to hop from card to card to find the cheapest rate using balance transfers.

A balance transfer can be incredibly useful if you have an amount of debt outstanding that needs to be paid on your card but you don’t want to accrue any interest.

Many credit card providers offer specific balance transfer credit cards to meet these needs and they will typically offer up to 18 month interest free.

This means that if you transfer a balance (hop) to their credit card from your current provider then you will avoid accruing any interest for a period of up to 18 months.

As a result of being a frog and hopping to a new card, you will give yourself time to pay off your debts without paying any extra costs.

Credit Card Users – Magpies

A magpie takes a different approach to the frog, as a magpie likes shiny new objects. As a result of being attracted to these shiny new objects, magpies will swoop for introductory special offers based on what they get back in terms of rewards.

Rewards are also sometimes known as purchase credit cards, and they tend to offer great introductory benefits. If you’re a magpie then you may be swayed to swoop from your current card to a different card simply by the rewards that they can offer you.

The rewards on offer may be cash-back or it may be loyalty points, all that matters is that the rewards appeal to you and your needs.

So credit card users, do you consider yourself to be a frog that leaps from card to card chasing a better interest rate? Or do you think of yourself to be more of a magpie that constantly swoops to a new card as you’re attracted by new introductory offers?

By High Yield Savings Accounts

The founder and editor of with a passion for personal finance and experience in the financial industry.