WT Direct Adds Security Features to Login

WTDirect is adding a security feature to make their login process more secure for users. Like many other financial institution, such as Vanguard and ING Direct, WTDirect will be separating the User ID and password page. Also like Vanguard and ING Direct, WTDirect will require you to select a picture which you will need to verify upon login. Add some additional security questions, and oila! Your banking is now more secure!

You should also be able to register your computer to avoid having to answer as many security questions upon login. This is a standard feature found in many financial institutions, again like ING Direct as well as TradeKing and other discount brokerages.

Here is a copy of the e-mail WTDirect sent out to its members detailing the new WTDirect security features:

We’ll soon be introducing additional security measures to further protect online access to your financial information.

These new security features add a layer of protection to help us verify your identity, and help assure you that you are using the genuine WTDirect website. Your Password will now be on a separate page from your User ID, and we will ask you to confirm your chosen Security Image and Caption at Log In. We may also prompt you to answer one or more new Security Questions before permitting access to your accounts. For example, if you attempt to log in to from an unrecognized computer, we will ask you to answer one of your new Security Questions and Image/Caption to ensure that you are permitted access.

As part of the introduction of these new measures, the next time you log in to, we’ll request that you select and provide answers to two Security Questions and select an Image/Caption that will be used as additional identification.

These new security measures provide another example of why you can be confident that WTDirect continues to implement ways to protect your personal information and assets.

I htink it’s good any time a bank increases its security. Glad to see WTDirect join the party.