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Social Media For Borrowers, Savings, and the College-Bound

February 8, 2012

Social media isn’t just about posting pictures of a beer pong tournament anymore. There is a growing industry for online financial services like peer to peer lending sites, which created $5.8 billion in loans last year. College savings and social banking sites are also becoming popular, allowing options for people to both take out a […]

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The Time Value of Money

November 4, 2011

The time value of money is a critically important concept in finance and economics. Whether you’re a multi-million dollar investor, a master’s degree candidate paying off student loans, or a recent high school graduate thinking about buying a new car, grasping the time value of money concept will be highly beneficial. The concept of the […]

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Comparative Cost Analysis of Healthy Cooking vs. Eating Fast Food Regularly

October 5, 2011

During the worst economic recession in decades, the simple act of putting food on the table can be difficult for working class families, not to mention those near or below the poverty line. When parents are desperate to get their children fed, they don’t always have the luxury of worrying about whether their kids are […]

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How to Cope With the Rising Costs of Energy

July 29, 2011

Unless you are a polar bear, a cold house is no fun and when the temperature goes down, the thermostat goes up, keeping the home feeling comfortably warm. However, rising costs are set to plunge even more consumers into what has been dubbed as ‘energy poverty’ this coming winter as they simply do not have […]

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Don’t get a shock when your next energy bill arrives

June 23, 2011

Scottish Power customers received a shock recently when the company revealed plans to increase the cost of electricity and gas by an average of 10 and 19 per cent respectively – and this should serve as a timely reminder of the benefits of being proactive in the battle against the rise in energy prices. Some […]

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Use Netflix to Save Money on Movies

June 22, 2011

If you are a movie buff like I am, then you can probably save a ton of money by using Netflix instead of paying for a premium cable subscription. HBO, ShowTime, Cinemax and other channels, are great, but if you are willing to wait at least one season, then most of the good shows will […]

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Festival of Frugality #280

May 17, 2011

Saving money is one of the most important parts of a financial plan. If you don’t save money, you can never get ahead in life. It’s as simple as that. I mean, think about it – no one ever got rich by borrowing money. That’s why I love the Festival of Frugality – it’s a […]

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Young Professionals: 3 Spending Mistakes that Can Drain Your Savings Account

April 28, 2011

Getting your first professional job can be an exciting, new endeavor. Did you just move to a big city with a sprawling metropolis, full of great restaurants, cafes, and bars? Many college graduates like to work in big cities after graduation, and that can greatly increase general costs of living. However, you don’t have to […]

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How to Establish a Savings Account for College

April 26, 2011

The cost of college is slowly creeping higher as the return in pay for a college graduate slowly declines. The average college student will make significantly less than the average college student made as little as ten years ago. This is mostly due to a struggling economy so beginning a college savings account for your […]

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Save Money on Traveling Expenses

April 4, 2011

With the cost of fuel around the world rising at an ever increasing rate, many people are looking at alternative travel arrangements in an attempt to reduce costs.  But why is the cost of fuel rising at such an alarming rate? Let’s first take a look at how the price of gasoline is constituted in […]

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