E-Trade Lowers Savings Account Rates Again

Adding to a long string of rate cuts at most high yield savings accounts, E*Trade dropped their rates yet again. This comes less than two weeks after their last rate cut, which slashed the rates from 3.01% APY to 2.50% APY.

E*Trade high yield savings account rates as of Feb 15, 2008

As of today, E*TRADE Bank officially cut their high yield savings rate from 2.50% APY to 2.15% APY.

Will this be the last rate cut? Unfortunately, I doubt it. I have a strong suspicion that we will continue to see more rate cuts in the near future. AS long as the Fed keeps the prime rates at or near 0% and banks continue to hold a vice grip on their purse strings, we will continue to see rate drops.

All of the top high yield savings rates have dropped in the last few months, including those from well known banks like ING Direct, HSBC Direct, WTDirect, FNBO Direct, and more. Some have slashed their rates as much as 30% or more – just in the first month and a half of the year! Now may be time to consider putting your long term savings into a high yield CD or a CD ladder.

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